Memorials & Headstones

Quality Memorials ​

Equally important and also a healing step in the process of bereavement is the selection of a suitable memorial.​.


A memorial provides a lasting visible memory of a life once shared, it can be a simple headstone or a complete grave set with a variety of surrounds.​


Wide range of memorial products

As an additional service to our valued customers we offer an extensive range of monumental services including:​

  • New Headstones​
  • Grave surrounds​
  • Renovations on existing headstones​
  • Including additional lettering​
  • Renewing existing lettering​

We can help and assist you in choosing the appropriate memorial and headstone.
Get in touch with us for more details.

gold symbol
black headstone
small headstone

Accessories to commemorate your loved one's grave

If you are looking for keepsake urns, bespoke sculpture and custom made grave lanterns, you can come to us. D & R Hay Funeral Directors delivers quality grave accessories, as per our clients' requirements and preferences. We can deliver photographs and photo blocks engraved in stone to commemorate your dear one's final resting place.


You may like to enhance the grace and peacefulness of the grave by adding a sculpture, plaque or statue. We can help you choose from the variety of accessories available with us. You can also pay a floral tribute to your loved one at his or her grave.

Grave tidying and tending services

Our grave accessories

Our services and products include the following:

With our customised grave accessories, you can create an ambience of peacefulness and serenity
around the grave of your dear one. Get in touch with us for more details.

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